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Wool Mittens Grey-Large

Wool Mittens Grey-Large

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We all love a good pair of sweater mittens that can be found at your local craft show.  But let's be honest, it's hard to find that unicorn pair that fits just right and was created from the perfect sweater that matches the aesthetic you're looking for your winter wardrobe.

This is why I designed wool mittens that are handcrafted in Minnesota with high quality materials that will keep your fingers warm so that you can enjoy all of your favorite winter outdoor activities while aligning with the look you're going for.  These mittens are the go to cold weather accessory you'll choose year after year.

Mitten Specs:

  • wool exterior
  • wool palm
  • luxury fleece lining


Measure around your palm (below your fingers, above your thumb) with a soft measuring tape.  Then measure the length of your hand from the longest fingertip to the base of your hand.  Select the largest of the two measurements and round up to the nearest half or whole i.e., 6 1/4 inches rounds to 6 1/2 inches or 7 3/4 inches rounds to 8 inches).  Use this rounded up number to select the best size mitten for you.  These wool mittens have no stretch besides the inside elastic wristband to help keep them secure.

  • Medium: 7.5 - 8 inches
  • Large: 8+ inches

Cleaning:  Please only launder your mittens when absolutely necessary to ensure it will last you.  May spot clean, or hand-wash in lukewarm water with a wool safe detergent.  Please do not throw your mittens in the will be sad.

All products are made in a cat free, smoke free, dog friendly environment.

All sales are final (please contact if there is a quality issue).


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