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Wool Knit Headbands

Wool Knit Headbands

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Born and raised in the Midwest, Michelle (owner) has enjoyed outdoor and sporting activities her entire life.  She designed and created the woven headbands after not being able to find the right cool weather accessories for women offered in natural and neutral colors and they have become a Grandma Skills top-seller.  They have been put to the test through the coldest and windiest of weather from the plains of North Dakota to the frozen lakes of Minnesota to ensure the best quality for you.

The knit design is to ensure your ears stay warm on the chilly days.  A natural wool yarn is used to work with your body temperature to keep you warm.  Each headband is created to "settle" to your size.  They will be snug at first then will fit just right after a wear or two.  We do not suggest sharing your headbands with your gal pals as they will not fit the same after being worn on their noggin.

A knit headband is the perfect accessory to add to your cool weather accessory arsenal.  Offered in a variety of natural colors you can select a headband that coordinates with the apparel you already own without clashing which is a bonus!

Your knit headband can be styled with your hair up or down.  They are also great for dirty hair days.  Throw some dry shampoo in, put your hair up in a messy bun and pull your headband over your ears.

Activities that you'll want a knit headband for:

  • waterfowl hunting
  • upland bird hunting
  • big game hunting
  • dog walking/running
  • winter walks
  • snowshoeing
  • ice fishing

Cleaning: Handwash in cool water with gentle or wool friendly detergent.  Lay flat to dry.


  • 100% wool

All products are made in a smoke free, dog friendly environment.

All sales are final(please contact if there is a quality issue).


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