About Me

Hi there!!  I'm Michelle, the hands and heart behind Grandma Skills.  Born and raised in Minnesota I have a strong bond with my family and a love for the outdoors.  I spend my free time hunting & fishing, on the water in the kayaks, searching for auction finds, loving up on animals, and having quiet time with God.  I am an introvert at heart and an old soul.  You can typically find me spending time with family or having a quiet night at home with my husband, our son Maverick, fur pup Ryder, with yarn in hand.  I'm an enneagram 2w1w3 for all of my enneagram friends.

Grandma Skills opened up shop in 2013 after one of my dear grandmother's had passed away.  Creating items for others to love and cherish was a way for me to cope with her passing and a way to share her legacy.  While Grandma Skills shares her story and the story of all other grannies, the shop has grown into much more than all things granny.  My hope is to encourage others to be kind and to feel loved no matter where you may be.

Welcome to the gang!

with love, Michelle

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