Snap Cowl Styling Tips

Snap Cowl Styling Tips

How do I wear this?  This question hands down is the one I most often get asked.  So let's dive in!  How do you wear your snap cowl?

There are a few different options which makes it a great staple piece of your cold weather accessory collection.

First up, let's go over how to put your snap cowl on. 

You can either slide it over your head with all 3 snaps done, or with the top snap undone.  Or you can undo all of the snaps, drape it over your shoulders, snap the middle snap, then snap the top and bottom snaps.

How do you style it?

Now that you have your snap cowl in place you can leave all 3 sets of snaps done for the OG style.  This is my favorite way to wear my cowl when it's cooler or windier outside.

Or you can undo the top snap an either "pop" your collar or fold the collar part of your cowl outward.  I love wearing my cowl this way when it's a little warmer outside (above freezing) or when I'm running errands so that I have some airflow and don't overheat indoors.

If you have more of a petite build you can offset your snaps for a tighter fit.  You'll snap the middle exterior snap to the bottom interior snap and the top exterior snap to the middle interior snap.  This will help close the gap around your neck and offer warmth and wind protection.

What do you wear your snap cowl with? 

Funny you should ask!  They are so versatile and that's why I love them.  You can wear them with your regular outfit and add a jacket without any fuss. 

Here are my suggestions:

  • long sleeves/sweater
  • vest
  • light jacket
  • heavy jacket

 One you've selected your outfit you can also choose to wear your snap cowl on the inside or outside of your jacket or vest.

They are so versatile and that's one of many reasons why I love this investment piece.  I can't wait to see what outfits you pair your cowl with!  Make sure to tag me @grandmaskills on social media so I can see!

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